Monday, June 22, 2009

Junction or not junction?

Today is monday and that means i have 3 more days to study for my biostat. Force myself to study so hard and memorize all the facts, characteristics, examples, calculations and so on so forth related to it. Nevertheless, I think I have not give my best just because my study spirits sank and the lack of self-assurance.

In the afternoon, I went to Setapak to have lunch with my friends. I went there myself and I am supposed to call my friend for guidance upon reaching KTAR. Somehow, there is miscommunication between us two. And trust me its all about the word 'junction'.

The concept or the understanding of it are very much different in both our dictionary. In my perspective, junction could be 'T' or 't'. But in his language, small road or branch road or the road from the shoplot connected to the main road are all considered as junction. You will not understand by what is written in here, but to experience it yourself. Thats why we have a funny arguement when we met after that.

Went to Papa Rich Kopitiam to makan and the environment look good to me. I couldnt order much or eat as much as i used to, maybe due to the exam on friday. Well, the photos of us 4 are in Suk Yen's camera. Think she'll upload it and i am too lazy to 'steal' the pictures.


Monday, June 15, 2009

Happy Season

Went to yam cha with my secondary school friends last saturday.

Its called happy season restaurant on the theme of 4 seasons, winter, spring, autumn and summer.

Its located in Wangsa Maju, the place where Bang Ming always lepak with the college friends i supposed. Haha

He recommended us the cafe and we went there for the first time to check out since it sounded interesting from what he had described to me.

After a tour up and down the restaurant, we finally chose the winter season, since Bang Ming was so excited and admired the cool air.

Yet, there was one thing that I did not feel comfortable with, the poor lighting and the light colour as well. That was why the photos taken were not good.

Both of them ordered Ginger with Longan Tea. Still acceptable drink.

I ordered ice blended cappucino and that crazy fella next to me ordered ice blended mocha. Luckily mine tastier than his. *blek

This fella became vampire all of a sudden and we managed to snap this picture. I have no idea what stimulated him.

Enjoying the drinks.

The marble cheese cake. Quite good
That vampire ordered this cake which I dont know the name and the ingredient inside because it was bad. Just too bad. It cost about rm9 and truely expensive for just a small piece of cake.

This Yummy!! Mushroom plus smashed potato with cheese on top.

The opera cake. another good cake. Just as mentioned earlier, 'EXPENSIVE' and the plate is just too huge for a small piece like this.

The two uncle posing

RM6.90 for the tea.
My birthday cake??
any idea?

family photo. with the vampire... Shouldnt take pic with him. Spoil my image only!!!!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Read this, tomato

Wanted to upload photos...

Those taken in happy season restaurant yesterday.

Yet lazy to do so....

Cos i am tired and sleepy now.....


And tomato!! you know what, I am NOT going to talk to you anymore. 

Not going to respond to you already.


Jenny, he is such a bad guy, horrible.....!!

I shall continue tomorrow.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Boring day

Just didn't know what happened to me today. Or is it my something is disturbing me?? I cant study well the whole day, cant really concentrate what I've studied. Ended up not even a chapter I can finished. Thought that i can enjoy for at least 2 weeks until the result, that was supposed to be released today. Somehow, it was released a week earlier and guess what??

By right I should be happy that i passed all 4 subjects and failed only biostat. I expected my result to be the worst this time. That I might fail 3 papers altogether. Anyway, stop thinking about it and now all I have to do is to study harder for the paper that will be in another 2 weeks time.

It was a boring day when i cant study at all and plus i had stomachache whole day too. I started to worry for this supp paper. Maybe because i obtained 47 and still, 3 marks away from the passing line, and i doubt my ability to sit for the supp this time. Anyway, just hoping i can cope with it. *praying harder

Not ended yet, a bad news from my friend just now. Well, I have to keep it as a secret and just wait for the time to come. Hope i'll be forgiven.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

more pictures.....miscellaneous

Spy War

Their tongues are so long, make me so.. geli

Youngest brother, trying to act coolMakan-ing lunch in one of the popular shopping complex.

Dinner at Chinatown... best food ever!!
My first brother. asked me to take pic for him,
syok sendiri.

This picture taken in the toilet. Yea, its in the toilet!!
Entrance to the world of Safari.

Orang utan show.

My brother's kenyalang... :-)
My orang utan. hehehe

Sea lion show. love the most.....